Tonight on Paranormal N More Radio – Sal Nicosia Owner Haunted Shanley Hotel


Come listen in to our show tonight on Paranormal N More Radio with our guest Sal Nicosia the owner of the well known Haunted Shanley Hotel at 7PM PST (9PM CST 10PM EST) Just click on this link to take you to the show page and listen in!!–owner-sal-nicosia

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All Natural Energizer Series – The Other Side

The Other Side

There are so many questions we as human ask ourselves. We often find ourselves lost and feeling alone in this life. It is as if we are searching for the answer about life or something we have forgotten. The beliefs of faith in God, spirituality and a certain religion often fog our minds confusing our true essence of what we already know and understand of where we come from. We all have this knowledge that is deep seeded into our DNA but yet more times than not we can not access it.

In this article Part One of the Other Side I will attempt to give you some insight in simple terms the who, what and where of our human and spiritual selves. Like the chicken and the egg analogy we ask ourselves who am I, what came first, and where do I come from. Most people have faith in God, Buddha, Allah or some other guiding being with ultimate power that has given us life through their divine intervention. Faith is what allows us as humans to not feel we are alone in this world. The questions we need answers to are often far from our reach because we do not believe that we are worthy of the truth. However, that truth and knowledge of better understanding the source of all things is not as far away as many of you may think. It virtually is only a thought or memory away.

Let us begin with the awareness of the “Who” question; or Who am I. We all are energy, a never ending energy that had no beginning and will never end. As beings of light, which I am sure is a human term, but we will use it for understanding who we are. We are infinite beings that come from a place called “The Source”. Many people call it heaven or other words and it describes the perfectness and ultimate place of continued living of spirit. There is nothing wrong with this. For this article I will use the term source. We all exist in this place of source awaiting our turn to come to this learning place if we so choose; Earth. Because we have no real knowledge of other planets where life is also sustained in many ways I will only refer to earth and us who are living our humanness. The source created the universe in which we live and everything about it. It sustains us in human form but yet allows us to use the energy of our true selves in many more ways than we can possibly understand; at least in this life.

Now let us explore the What and Where questions. Prior to coming to this place to learn there is much to be done. We must connect with those we will interact with on Earth; whether that be family, friends, enemies etc. Each experience such as treasured moments with family, or horrible accidents is recorded into a document called the Akashic Records. Every moment of everyday is wrote down, this is what we call our destiny or life path. We all are infused with free will and when we change our life path so to speak these records are updated like on a computer automatically. Some would call this document of our human life as a soul contract. The Akashic Records are also called the “Mind of God” by definition in Wikopedia. We are given several moments in our lives that we can be released from our human body and return to source. It is our choice when we choose to leave. When bad things happen we try to explain it away because that is part of being a human being. Some will say it was meant to be, for those who understand that nothing happens by chance. Then there are those who will not see the lesson that is being presented literally throwing their lives into a tail spin of endless misery. This will continue and repeat itself until the lesson we were meant to experience is learned. You have not been cursed or left alone in this life to suffer. Try to understand that it is part of your soul contract with source to experience “everything” you chose before coming to this life as a human. For those who do not believe that this could be true, guess what, that is also something you chose to experience in this human life. We are allowed to come over and over to learn and experience as many new lives as we choose. This is not a one time shot to get it right the first time; you can come back and learn again.

When we put blame, for instance, on God for our terrible lives then that is your first mistake. God or Source does not write our soul contracts. We do that! So if you are having issues in your life that needs changing then my suggestion for you is to do just that. The place we come from is nothing but ultimate love. There is no blame, no faults, no hatred, or punishment; those are human traits.

Please come back and read my next installment in my All Natural Energizer Series: The Other Side Part 2  where we will discuss our spiritual guides, connections with those in source and much more.

Blessings to you all!!

Sandra Wells



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Life & Light Radio with Host Sandra Wells

Beginning Sunday, July 14, 2012 at 12PM PST (Noon) (2PM CST 3PM EST) Sandra will be sharing her insight on life and spirituality. This 30 minute show twice weekly will give the listener helpful solutions to put them back on the right path in their lives. We will discuss life, relationships, family, friends, spiritual energy, children, awareness, and so much more. Join me weekly on Thursday and Sunday. 


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Practical Paranormal – Guests Russ & Sandy Wells 07/02 by Paranormal N More | Blog Talk Radio

Practical Paranormal – Guests Russ & Sandy Wells 07/02 by Paranormal N More | Blog Talk Radio.

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Introduction Article to the All Natural Energizer Series!

Hello Everyone and Namaste!

During this series of articles I will take you through a step by step process that may help you better understand why in lack of a better term “bad things happen to good people.” To understand how you as a spiritual being came to this life to share, learn and grow within your humanness I must first give you answers about where we come from, how we choose our life’s mission, our connections within our circle of friends and family on the others side,  our spiritual contracts with the source of all things and then move on to the human aspect of your life. Whether that be troubles with relationships, lack of abundance, understanding grief or loss, and of course how you can access your own spirit energy plus much more. Spirit Energy is the source of the all natural energizer that I will speak about in detail as we get to that part of this series. The lack of knowledge of these things begin when we enter these “shells” we call the human body. I will talk about this further in another article.

Many people that write about spiritual awareness often times make it difficult for the reader, especially if they are unaware of such things, to understand fully what is being said to them. In my articles you will find that I use the simplest terms and concepts that is available to me as a writer to be able to connect with you spiritually and your source of power, the all natural energizer.

I will be posting a new blog everyday within this series. I hope you will come back often to read these if you are ready to help yourself find that place of peace again. Through all the years in which I have helped people with their own spiritual growth I have found that one human flaw always rears its ugly head and that is “Change.” Even though your spiritual being is aching to reconnect with who we truly are and where we came from our human self will often push down that awareness leaving us again craving knowledge and able to connect with the energy that should be coming so natural to all of us.

If you are prepared, right now, to becoming a whole being again in the mind, body and spirit then you must allow yourself to give that permission for serious change. For example: imagine yourself in a long hallway. Right in front of you is a large block so heavy that you can not budge it. No matter what you do it will not move to the side so you can pass by it. Now look closely at the side you can see. In large letters is the word “CHANGE”. Change is like I said one of the most difficult aspects of life you will ever encounter so you can either make the decision it is time for a better way of living or you can continue to be stuck in that same routine of “bad things happen to good people”. It is up to you!!

Come back tomorrow for the first article in the All Natural Energizer series starting with the sub series article called The Other Side.

Have a great day everyone!


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Ghosts Have Rights Too!!

Ghosts Have Rights Too?…By Sandra J Wells

The recent onset of interest in the paranormal has exploded into the creation of new paranormal teams; which is good if for the right reasons. Most of them are in search of the proverbial “Golden Goose” apparition photo, video or evp.  After being in the paranormal for three decades I know many, many veteran researchers who have realized that there is so much more to paranormal research than just the evidence we acquire.

When a person contacts us to come to their home, business or land to give them answers about the paranormal activity they are experiencing the real issues about why a ghost may be haunting a location is usually not taken into consideration. Many believe it is about the “evidence.”  In a sense they are correct but there is a much bigger picture. We help the living, and rightly so, without question because that is what we are supposed to be doing for them. My question for most investigators is what about the ghosts; don’t they deserve our respect and consideration as well?

It is important to know what is causing the “bumps in the night” so to speak. Whether it is real paranormal activity or natural environmental causes is part of what we need to document about any haunting. When a haunting is discovered it is imperative that investigative teams do a complete assessment of the situation which must include a lot of research into the history of it.

Many investigators especially over the last decade rush in with “guns blazing” to hunt the ghosts that reside within the location because that is what they have seen in media. Some investigators do not consider the ramifications as to what provocation may be causing for anyone concerned whether client or public. The investigator must consider who the ghost might be. Are they dealing with a ghost of a child or a serial killer? Obliviously if an investigator does not have complete facts about any one location they can only assume they know what type of ghost they are encountering. Like the proverbial “bad apple in the barrel” it is a few that cause all paranormal investigators to be considered non-professional or simply kooks by those who already are skeptical of what we do.

Consider asking yourself this question. Have I researched or exhausted all avenues to find the facts? If I was to guess I would say at least 40% will say that they go that extra mile to get every answer possible. Not a large percentage is it. Thus, the reason why we are often considered hobbyists or frankly; a bunch of nuts that run around in the dark talking to ourselves.

You might also want to ask yourself why you want to be a paranormal investigator?  Is it to get cool evidence or to discover all you can about the afterlife? We simply cannot take the stories of the haunting and claim they are fact until we make sure of their validity. Here is the definition of an investigation:

The act or process of investigating; a careful search or examination in order to discover facts, etc.

Do yourself a favor, don’t be considered a thrill or evidence seeker, investigate to find the truth. Challenge yourself to be someone who is respected for the work you do. Help give other paranormal investigators a reason to listen to what you have to say. Let us all give validity to the amazing world of the unknown.  Research, Research, Research!! Remember, ghosts have rights too!

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Ravens Blood: Dark Possession Now Available!

Ravens Blood Dark Possession is a supernatural thriller that will guide the reader through the adventure of historical researcher Mitchell Jenkins from the beginning to end on his historical research project about an ancient clan of vampires called the Zanghoul and their zombie like slaves called the Wastay. Soon he and his companions find themselves engulfed in a world of terror, mystery and intrigue while battling for their very lives. Although the Zanghoul practice bloodletting for their very survival there is other pieces of the puzzle that makes them completely unique to all others of their kind. Mitchell must now walk a path that he could have never imagined losing himself in darkness.

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