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• Spiritual Empowerment Coach • Mentor & Advisor • Intuitive • Psychic / Paranormal Investigator • Radio Host • Author Sandra was born in Litchfield, IL. into a simple life with her parents and three siblings. At the age of 4 years of age she became very ill and was hospitalized. During the evening of that same day she felt a release of life. During the moment of her last breath she encountered a being of light that came to her in female form appearing next to her bed. The woman communicated her name as Ishtani reminding her there was nothing to fear. Sandra soon found herself standing next to the woman looking back at her body lying on the bed. Ishtani gave her the choice to leave this physical plain of existence and return with her to our source or remain to continue on her life journey. Sandra chose to stay and soon found herself back in her physical body healed from her illness. Ishtani to this day remains with Sandra as her spiritual guide communicating messages of hope, love and significance through Sandra to those who choose to seek answers or listen. Sandra's has been blessed with abilities to communicate with spirit and has helped literally hundreds of people over a lifetime. She calls herself a vessel of connection with the spiritual realm. Through her abilities of accepting and receiving messages from spirit and reading physical energies she has been blessed with a gift of guidance for those who are in search of reconnecting with their authentic self within. Sandra has also been blessed with other talents on her journey of spiritual awareness in her life. She currently hosts a online radio show on the Blog Talk Radio Network on Psi Fi Radio every Tuesday evening at 8PM Pacific time with her Co-host Rhonda Farrah. She is also a published author and currently working on her newest project of writing her own story about her spiritual journey called "Haunted: Silent Journey of Fear". You may contact Sandra at the following: Phone: 866-278-9423 Email:

A Much Easier Way to Reach Me

Hello Everyone

Sorry it has been a while since I posted on my blog… path has taken me in some amazing new directions. I currently am taking phone appointments for my Spiritual Empowerment Coaching and Personal psychic readings. To contact me please use the following:


Blessings to you All!!Image

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Readers Fright Fest!!

Readers Fright Fest!!

Are you ready for a Halloween Treat….This is NOT a trick!!
In October 2012 Only I will be offering all three of my books in one bundle for a wicked deal for all you spooksters out there!

Wow….Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts all in one incredible bundle for only $20.00 and $3 shipping

Pre-Order Now!!
Through Paypal at

All orders will be shipped out Mid October!!

Don’t forget to send me your mailing address!!

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Zombie Prom USA 2012

Zombie Prom USA 2012

This event is a fundraiser for Southern Oregon Project Hope that is a Non-Profit Organization in the Coos Bay, North Bend area of Oregon that serves and helps the homeless of Coos County. If you are in the area on Oct 27 please stop by for this family friendly all day event….it is an amazing way to help those in this community.

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Exciting Changes for Paranormal N More Radio

Beginning this weekend Paranormal N More Radio will be moving to the amazing Psi Fi Radio Network….our name will remain the same but we will be flying under the banner of this great network….we are very excited and honored to have been asked to join the wonderful ladies who run Psi Fi, host Donna Stewart and her Co-Hosts Sharon Kincade and Krystal Preston…come check us out every Tuesday and Thursday evenings as always at 7PM Pacific Time

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New Show Begins Sunday ~~Life & Light Radio

Join me Sunday, July 15 12PM (Noon) PST for debut show of Life & Light Radio Host

Sandra J Wells

Radio Host – Author – Spiritual Advisor – Intuitive

On this first show I will be talking about how relationships with your spouse, family and friends can often influence the course that your life can take. Each upcoming show will be 30 minutes in length, so take that short amount of time to do something for yourself. Sit back, relax and enjoy the many topics I will explore such as spirituality, both serious and comical looks at life, and tons of other things. Hope to see you there!–light-radio/2012/07/15/life-light-radio–host-sandy-wells–debut-show

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Tonight On Paranormal N More Radio Live….Guest Robbie Thomas – Author

Tonight on Paranormal N More Radio is our special guest, Robbie Thomas who is a published author, psychic profiler, and lecturer. We will be discussing his newest released book “Time Shift: The Paradigm” which is an amazing fictional tale of futuristic changes in reality as we know it on the earth. The book is incredible and very much worthy of your attention to read.

If you would like to call in to speak with our guest please call 347-324-5490 during our live show!


Join us at 7PM PST (9PM CST 10PM EST) by clicking on this link.–new-book-time-shift-the-paradigm 

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I was sitting looking at Facebook this morning when one of those hmmm, moments popped into my head.

Have you ever thought about how many different “Smiles” people express. I know, it is kind of a silly thought but why not write about it…I have seen crazier things expressed. Now let us break down “Smiles” a bit further.

People smile when they are expressing a sentiment of joy or happiness

People smile when someone has just said something that is funny or they are given a wonderful compliment

People smile because their child just took their first step and actually there might even be a tear in this moment 

People smile because they see someone accidentally fall on their backside, even though they are hoping the person did not hurt themselves

People smile when they wake up in the morning and smell the wonderful aroma’s of coffee brewing and bacon cooking…yummy I love bacon!

People smile when they see a baby kitten or puppy doing those silly little things that they do

People smile when their boss has just given them that long deserved raise or even when the person quits the job they hate…it can be a real stress relief 

There are so many reasons why we smile, and I suppose you can see where I am going with this….or maybe you don’t. The best thing about “Smiles” are that they are contagious. If one person see’s someone smile, they are more than likely going to feel that same sensation and smile themselves, then they pass that smile on to someone else and so and so forth. Another great thing about “Smiles” is that they can change your day immediately. I mean what better way to make yourself feel a heck of a lot happier than you felt just a moment before. Also, think of all the happiness you are spreading by just sharing that one millisecond of joy as you pass by someone in a doorway or walking down the street. Smiles do not cost you one dime or even a cent. They are not something you have to run down to the store to buy, they are built into all of us. How wonderful that is, right? Wow..something that is actually FREE in this crazy world we all live in, now that is an awesome concept isn’t it. 

The next thing about smiles and if only more people would remember this often forgotten simple idea. You can actually infect others with a smile; and no it is not evil to infect someone. It is so easy, share your smile with the world and so many others will follow your lead. What an incredibly wonderful way to change your life. Like I said before Smiles are contagious, not only for you but for everyone you come in contact with. The best part of all is when people stop and wonder why you are smiling in the first place. Believe it or not there are alot of people that if you smile at them they think you have an ulterior motive. I call those kinds of people upside down thinkers. They think that you must have something wrong with you or maybe worse, that you must be up to something no good. How silly!

Anyway the biggest point for this article is to share what I feel is vital about why I wrote this for you all. When you wake up in the morning with the attitude that your life stinks, nothing every goes right, you blame the world for all that is wrong, and feel that it will never get any better, well guest what? Your life will never get any better because you just wished for it to be bad. Yes that is right boys and girls…you receive what you conceive. In other words, if you say it or think it that is what will happen. Just to prove what I am saying, lets do an experiment. The next time you wake and feel the way I described above then keep track of your day. I will almost guarantee that the whole day will be full of the “life stinks” bad little things that will want to make you pull out your hair or hide under a rock somewhere. 

Now lets change it up a bit, notice that when your day starts out with a smile on your face how good life becomes for you. All those wonderful big and little things you are so richly deserving will just seem to fall into place.  Don’t get me wrong a smile is not a cure all for what ails your life, but it sure beats the alternative. Oh, just one more thing. When things seem to be at there worst, stop, think and reflect on those simple things that make you “Smile” like what I listed above. Life can be so complicated but guess what, all the answers we ever wanted to know about how to live life to the fullest is right inside of YOU. Their is no magic pill or spell that will ever change bad situations into things for the better, only changing how you conceive them will do that. “Share a smile today!” 


Sandy Wells

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