Ghosts Have Rights Too!!

29 Jun

Ghosts Have Rights Too?…By Sandra J Wells

The recent onset of interest in the paranormal has exploded into the creation of new paranormal teams; which is good if for the right reasons. Most of them are in search of the proverbial “Golden Goose” apparition photo, video or evp.  After being in the paranormal for three decades I know many, many veteran researchers who have realized that there is so much more to paranormal research than just the evidence we acquire.

When a person contacts us to come to their home, business or land to give them answers about the paranormal activity they are experiencing the real issues about why a ghost may be haunting a location is usually not taken into consideration. Many believe it is about the “evidence.”  In a sense they are correct but there is a much bigger picture. We help the living, and rightly so, without question because that is what we are supposed to be doing for them. My question for most investigators is what about the ghosts; don’t they deserve our respect and consideration as well?

It is important to know what is causing the “bumps in the night” so to speak. Whether it is real paranormal activity or natural environmental causes is part of what we need to document about any haunting. When a haunting is discovered it is imperative that investigative teams do a complete assessment of the situation which must include a lot of research into the history of it.

Many investigators especially over the last decade rush in with “guns blazing” to hunt the ghosts that reside within the location because that is what they have seen in media. Some investigators do not consider the ramifications as to what provocation may be causing for anyone concerned whether client or public. The investigator must consider who the ghost might be. Are they dealing with a ghost of a child or a serial killer? Obliviously if an investigator does not have complete facts about any one location they can only assume they know what type of ghost they are encountering. Like the proverbial “bad apple in the barrel” it is a few that cause all paranormal investigators to be considered non-professional or simply kooks by those who already are skeptical of what we do.

Consider asking yourself this question. Have I researched or exhausted all avenues to find the facts? If I was to guess I would say at least 40% will say that they go that extra mile to get every answer possible. Not a large percentage is it. Thus, the reason why we are often considered hobbyists or frankly; a bunch of nuts that run around in the dark talking to ourselves.

You might also want to ask yourself why you want to be a paranormal investigator?  Is it to get cool evidence or to discover all you can about the afterlife? We simply cannot take the stories of the haunting and claim they are fact until we make sure of their validity. Here is the definition of an investigation:

The act or process of investigating; a careful search or examination in order to discover facts, etc.

Do yourself a favor, don’t be considered a thrill or evidence seeker, investigate to find the truth. Challenge yourself to be someone who is respected for the work you do. Help give other paranormal investigators a reason to listen to what you have to say. Let us all give validity to the amazing world of the unknown.  Research, Research, Research!! Remember, ghosts have rights too!

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