Homeless Man and His Dog Say Goodbye!

13 Feb

Real and Heart touching story….A dying homeless man’s last wish was to see his dog one more time.

Yurtie, a female dog used to live with Cedar Rapids 57 year old Kelvin Mc Clain in his car. Unfortunately, Kevin became ill with lung cancer. Hospice employees say it was the most touching moment ever. And it was their last time together. Kevin died shortly after he met the dog. Yurtie how lives with a new family.


The saddest thing about this true story is that this man could have had a chance for survival if he had not been homeless. It breaks my heart to know that in this country we do not have more compassion for people like Kelvin. Being homeless has become an everyday occurrence for so many families in this country. From speaking with people in this situation we have found that these people face more than just being homeless. Often times they become outcasts from society being labeled as drug addicts, drunks, transients, thieves and so much more. Why? Because the general public turn a deaf ear to the plight of these amazing people who are just trying to survive. Try to remember everyone, most of these people had no choice in the matter of becoming homeless. They lost their job, their home, their security, all they own. Stop Right Now!! Really think about this question. How or what would you do if suddenly you found yourself living in your car or walking the street? How would you keep your family together? How would you feed your children? Try to understand, there are certain agencies that deal with people in this situation. Guess what one of the guidelines are…you must have a physical address. Hmm…lets look at that again….Homeless = No Home + Getting Help = Must have physical address. Does that compute?

So you think this could never happen to you; I really beg to differ. It could happen to any one of you that work for a living. Do you ever wonder why you never hear about these people. I can tell you; it is because it is easier to turn a blind eye and walk away than showing compassion for another human being. Sad, but true!



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