Falling Through The Cracks!! Part Two

13 Feb

We all understand that there are many criminal elements wandering this world who want nothing more than to hurt you and your family. We do our best to keep ourselves safe from such activity. Now to the point of this article. We all have our breaking points that sometimes cause us to do things that we would have never thought about doing ever.

When a person is in a desperate situation such as their children are hungry and crying because they have not ate for a day or two; what would you do to feed those children? Watching the news you see stories about an average looking guy robbing a grocery store of food or holding up a bank or convenience store for the money. Have you ever thought about what would lead such a ordinary guy to go to those lengths taking the chance of prison time? Was it because he was some stupid criminal that had nothing better to do with his time or was it because he was just greedy and needed the money for drugs? Here is the bigger picture; was it because his family were going hungry?

Recently I saw a story about a man on our local news where he had robbed a grocery store in the Seattle area. It was not any different than any other story of crimes that happen in this world except for one thing. This man told the woman behind the counter that “He was very sorry and he had no choice.” What ever his reasoning he must have felt he was forced to do something unlike he had never done before. Was he needing to feed a child, pay bills for a dying loved one, needing to pay for his mortgage to keep a roof over the head of his family?

Was what he did right? Probably not; but as I have said before “how well do ever really know another person.” Some people just have a point where the strength of character can no longer think in a right and wrong manner. There mind moves beyond what society believes to be normal. We all see it every day on the news when a mother or father kills their children for no apparent reason. Yes of course sometimes it because they are just evil and think of nothing but themselves. They think of nothing but what is best for their own self gain. Please understand that I believe that if you make the choice to commit a crime then you also take the chance of having to pay for the crime as well.

Most people believe that ANYONE who commits a crime and they hear about it on the news the person is guilty. Although most criminals deserve to go to prison for what they have done. Then there are those people like what I spoke about. The ones who just need help but no one is willing to stretch out a hand and say “I will help you.” The guidelines for agencies that help people in bad situations are very stringent; understandable sometimes. There are some people that all they want to do is scam for everything. Unfortunately people who truly need the help often times can not get it and that is very sad.

I suppose the whole concept to this article is that I hope that people will not judge another unless they know the story behind what caused some people to commit crimes. Trust me, I am not talking about those who hurt children or murder just because they can, or an adult who beats their spouse or partner. Violent criminals should be judged for those crimes and locked away. I am just writing about those people that want to take care of their families and do not feel they have a choice or cannot find help to do that.

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