Falling Through The Cracks!! Part One

13 Feb

The views, thoughts, and opinions within this series will be mine and does not necessarily represent any other persons thoughts, views or opinions.


I watch the news on a daily basis in hopeful anticipation of hearing good news from Washington DC that our economy will soon turn around allowing people to get back to work. The only recourse everyone in this country has right now is doing their best to stay up beat and hopeful. We try to remain hopeful that the politicians who represent the American people are mindful of each of our sufferings, concerns and struggles.

My question for you would be; are we actually living a fairy tale? Is there such a thing as happily ever after in the United States anymore? My answer to the first question would be that the so called “American Dream” is an illusion. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the advantages of this life then basically a large percentage of even the middle class will lose most of what they had worked so hard to achieve. Then not to mention what life in this country has become like for the vast majority of average (low – income) people. When I hear the words “I don’t care about the poor” from a politician who is running for President of this country it makes me wonder if our own government is systematically trying to do away with the poor. I am sick of hearing that it is time to do away with the “FREE Ride” system. Do they not understand how hard the vast majority of poor people work to make a living?

What most politicians cannot and refuse to understand is that the working class Americans are the only reason that this country was built to its past grandeur. They worked the industrial jobs such as manufacturing of clothing, cars, housing products, consumable products with their blood, sweat and tears. Now there is not even the opportunities for those types of jobs because our politicians allow big corporations to ship them oversea’s to third world countries. Don’t mistake what I am trying to say here. I have no problems with companies (corporations) that want to help countries build a legitimate workforce.

The problem I have is that our government has forgotten that many Americans are desperate for jobs as well. Small local businesses are doing what they can to hire people. Unfortunately,  these are far and in between due to the fact that these businesses are struggling to stay open right now too.

Most Americans are expected to survive on the pay from places like McDonald’s and Burger King but yet the costs of food, and housing has increased so much that  not only adults but children as well are struggling to eat once a day; if at all. The low income Americans often fall through the cracks with governmental bureaucratic guidelines for poverty. They often find themselves in a “Catch 22” situation where they must make the choice whether to eat and feed their children or keep a roof over their heads. The greed of landlords have gotten completely out of control charging extreme rents leaving people no outlet except living in their car or on the streets. Have you ever wondered why there is so many violent crimes in this country today? In my next article I will approach the topic I believe is the answer to why crimes have increased since the beginning of this last economic downturn. I hope you will read these articles, then take a solid look at what we all can do to insist to our political representatives that MAJOR changes need to happen in this country. If we can succeed in giving the homeless, low-income and even the middle class the slightest chance for the real “American Dream” again you will see how strong this country will become. The United States are full of the most amazing strong people and we will survive but it is time to give a helping hand not through charity, but through educating our government politicians about the REAL issues in this country.

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